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Terminals Connection as Plugins

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Oct 4, 2007 at 3:50 PM
Me and Eyal were thinking about changing Terminals infrastructure so each connection type will be a stand alone assembly and would be loaded as a plugin. We think it would give us more flexibility by letting other users contributing any plugin they think of and minimizing the need to deploy unneeded binaries to the user environment (I only use RDP and VNC). What do you think?
Oct 4, 2007 at 8:55 PM

Absolutely. I have did allot of work to keep all of the alternative connection types separate so for the most part it would mean you would need to rip them out of the main project and toss them into their own project for each.

At a high level here is what would need to get done:

1. Rip out each into their own project

2. The UI for the Add Favorite screen would need to dynamically add tabs based on selected plugins
a. would probably need to define an interface for the extensiblity

3. Configuration would need to be updated to support this extensible model
a. ability for each plugin to work with the single config file
b. save the relative folder path which these plugins would be store in

4. Some pretty simplistic work with Reflection to scan for the interface in the DLL's in the plugin folder and load them up.
a. maybe a filesystemwatcher to scan for new dll's and auto-load/prompt?

Is this something that one or the both of you are willing to take on?