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Defaults are bad

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Jan 15, 2008 at 9:11 PM
When you try and add a new connection, the defaults for the RDP Extended Settings are 600 for the Timeouts. If you use those, you can not use that connection since it says Value Not Within Defined Range. If you change them to 500 it works. Please fix the defaults for new connections.

Also, i would like to totally get rid of the auto-hide bar on the left but i can't. i resized it to be small but i don't want it and even the 6 pixels it uses to hide, i don't want used up because it adds a small scroll bar to the windows.

Lastly, it would be nixe if it remembered the status of itself when it gets restored because i have it maximized in my second monitor and when it is restored from the tray, it comes back with the 6 pixels used for the auto-hide bar showing up on my first monitor.