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Import Active Directory entries / feature requests

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Jul 21, 2010 at 2:03 PM
Hello, I think Terminals is a great tool. Thank you very much. Great Job, really. At the moment it is possible to load all machines from active directory or select some from the dataview (after a scan on the Domain). But the dataview ignorate some hierarchy (OU). e.g. if you have such a structure (different companies are connected via a dedicated line or all locations of one company are connected via a dedicated line): Domainname - - -----------------Company A -----------------Company B -----------------Company C - - -------------------------------- Location A -------------------------------- Location B (to j) - --------------------------Terminal Server ---Server a-h --------------------------File-Server ---File Server a-h After the import you have a flat table and no hierarchy. In cause this or similar structure, there could be result two problems: a) It is possible to get only machines in an specific OUs? I think to import all machines is not necessary. Further I think it would be great, if you have the chance to say I would like to import the following structure with machines: Domainname\companyname d\location_h\Terminal-Server b)The other Problem is, if you import some machines from the AD, the entries will be stored in the config. If you start the program, the complete structured tree will be loaded. This takes some time if many entries are made. Could it be a solution, not to load the complete tree (e.g. the first level). If you open an Node, the program will load the child nodes dynamically (an click event on the parent node opens the direct child). I think the absolute killer application feature could be: A new panel which loads the AD machines including AD structure (in a treeview). An additional feature, to set a global username an passwort an standard connection type to connect you via a doubleclick to the choosen machine.