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CLOSED: v2.0RC1: Imported connection list doesn't contain passwords

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Mar 7, 2011 at 12:24 PM

hello everyone

I decided to not update my current v1.9a, but doing a clean start with v2.0RC1! so I exported my current connection list including the passwords (hook at "include passwords"), did a fresh install of the v2.0RC1 portable version, copied my old "Credentials.xml" to the new Terminals ordner, started Terminals and did some 1st run options (single instance only, save connections on close, aso.) & checked the proper content of the "Credential Management", then restarted Terminals and drag'n dropped the former created "connection.xml"!

after some thoughts the connection list appeard completely like expected! PROBLEM: not a single connection contains the affiliated passsword!!! within connection properties dialog the user name is available, but no password (blank field), not even for connections with user(s) saved in the "Credential Managment"!

hm... did I something wrong???

thanks in advance for some suggestions and hints! (ok, I admit it, I'm to lazy to open each connection properties and write the correct password again... :/ )



Mar 7, 2011 at 1:26 PM

hello again

so it seems my old v1.9a was already broken, because after some check of the favorites (including a restore from an fresh data backup of last friday) no one contained a password (blank field), and the hook at "save password" was gone! strange...

well, can't be helped, I've to set all passwords manually again within v2.0RC1! :/

so, apologies for the ruckus, and herewith case is CLOSED!



Mar 15, 2011 at 8:16 AM

Mine did the same thing when upgrading. I took a look at the hashed passwords in the terminals.config and compared an old connection with the same password to a new connection where I resaved the password and the hashes are different. This is why the passwords do not appear.


So I copied the new hash and did a find and replace on the several others and they then worked again. I had to do this several times as I had many groups of servers that within each group shared the same password. So I did this about 30 times.


This could have been avoided if the hashed passwords were kept the same between versions, or if there was some way to upgrade the terminals config so that passwords got updated for you.