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Where do users make/review feature requests?

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Jan 16, 2012 at 11:40 PM

To Whom it may concern,

My apologies if this is/was not the right venue.  Also please forgive me if these are repeat requests.   (I did some prelim checking and searched the site...but this is a pretty big community and I am still in the learning mode in general)

We have 10 servers and run a mixture of ESX - Hyper-V - (future= citrix - ubuntu) virtual servers..various versions.   1 day of quick testing and looking for a more robust tool set brought us here.. and again hopefully we're in the right place:

- Ask list:

(WOL)  - Feature Enhancements like scheduling - robust management interface (gui) - tracking -logging.  (This request is born out of the desire to remain within the terminal tool/suite for all things..well most things management.)  Also at least as interim solution..possibly colling the hyperv vmconnect.exe directly.  I am not a developer and can only assume anything else would be quite a would be cool if as someone looks at their RDP connections they could see (and decipher) virtual host connections and the child vm/rdp connections.  Not sure how to graphically represent that thought...but it's just a raw "want" at this point.

(IPAM)  - IP Tracking - MAK management - etc.  (Again we can do some great things today with this tool...we'd like TO DO ALL THINGS)


We are still getting up to speed on the tool, but thought it only appropriate to share our thoughts and general excitement about the possibilities.  Hopefully this is well recieved and to the right audience.


Respectfully - RxP


Jan 17, 2012 at 5:25 PM

If you have feature requests, publish them in Issues tracker. There is an option in New task form to mark you request as feature request.

Currently there is a large list of requirements and possible improvements, but any way if other people would vote for your item, that it will jump in priorities list.