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ChrisControl-like VNC server installation

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Jul 11, 2008 at 7:41 PM
Some simple feature requests:

1. For VNC connections, the option to install VNC service before connecting a la ChrisControl ( ):

When remotely installing VNC, the program works by copying files using the default C$ share, and using the NT service controller (sc.exe) to install and start the WinVNC service. When you close the connection, the process is reversed - the remote service is stopped, removed, and files and registry settings are cleaned up (there is also an option to not remove the VNC service on close)

ChrisControl also works pretty well for connecting via VNC to Workgroup machines - I haven't been able
to yet with terminals.

The "source code" to ChrisControl is on the site above- it is an AutoIT 3 script.

2. An option to start the program maximized (though just as I wrote this I realized I can change this in the start menu shortcut properties...duh!) - the reason is if "fit to window" is default and I connect or autoconnect and haven't maximized the window I get tiny terminals. #1 above though would be really nice - no more need for ChrisControl for me after that