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Created prototype of Resharper solution options file

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Feb 21, 2012 at 7:06 PM

Hi, as already discussed, i checked in the Resharper solution options file to share the team coding rules on Terminals project. Take it as a prototype, because until now the was no other initiative to define coding rules. Please discuss proposals for rules to apply here, instead to start fight changing the configuration for your self.

Feb 21, 2012 at 9:09 PM


I'm a long time user of your program and this is the first time I've looked though the source code here. On a whim I sent it through the Default Microsoft Minimum Rule Set Static Code Analysis packaged with Visual Studio 2010 Premium and Higher. There are several warnings (1861) that'd I'd be happy to go through and clean up, but it might also be worth it to add in additional rules to prevent this from happening in the future (I am unfamiliar with ReSharper's Team Coding Rules):

You seem to be getting a lot of CA1820: Test for empty strings using string length warnings the fix is simple but its in quite a few places in your code base. However as far as I can tell its not a real show stopper.

What as more concerning to me was the large number of CA2000: Dispose objects before losing scope warnings and also the couple of CA2202: Do not dispose objects multiple times

The remainder are a combination of Microsoft Naming Conventions CA2204: Literals should be spelled correctly (in general I personally suppress them unless they make sense with the project I'm working on) and errors complaining about Globalization CA1303: Do not pass literals as localized parameters I am not sure how important Globalization is to the aims of this project.

I am assuming that ReSharper has similar functionality to StyleCop/FXCop when it comes to blocking on these types of issues?

I am unfamiliar with CodePlex's Version Control System (we use SVN Internally here) apparently I have the ability to upload these warnings as Work Items which I'd be happy to do if I could figure out how to do so.

Thanks for your work on the project and please feel free to contact me if you think my skills could be of use.

Feb 26, 2012 at 7:04 PM

Hi, i am not sure, if my post was understood properly. We are searching rules, which will fit to our team development style. There are some code parts, which are referenced from another open source projects. The main project is Terminals it self. We don't want to fix all warnings immediately. Only step by step go closer, but not yet now. Thank you for your offer.

Concerning how to propose patch. Check the CodePlex documentation. It is easy using Tortoise svn client, because there is no such feature in TFS.