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Full screen menu.

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Nov 14, 2012 at 8:15 PM


Can start by saying how wonderful Terminals is!  I use several PCs (both virtual and real) via remote desktop every day. For example, one PC for general office work, one for code development and one on the lab bench for testing and programming (embedded firmware). One of the most tedious activities is swapping between desktops. I also tend to access those desktops from a couple of client PCs/laptops - sometimes I'll work in the lab with all the hardware, other times remotely from the office - in both cases I access all of the above mentioned machines via remote desktop.

I looked at remote desktop managers a while ago but I found them all deficient in some way or another. But the constant switching between machines and having to log on to all three (or sometimes more) whenever I changed location had reached crisis point, so I looked again and came across terminals - it has exactly the features I require - namely quick switching between desktops and automatic logging on. So I run each desktop full screen and use the top menu to tab between them.

Now to my actual point ;)

Would it be possible for the top menu to be drop down? At the moment when the menu appears, the whole desktop moves down and scroll bars are added, which seems a bit pointless because the scroll bars can never be accessed - the instant you move your cursor off the top menu they disappear again.  But the main problem with this is that it is disconcerting - what I tend to do typically is compile some software, then tab to the programming PC's desktop. As I'm doing so I spot the programming button I need to click to activate the programming process, I leave the top menu and move to the button but this now jumps up as the top menu disappears and the whole screen moves up.

Would it be possible to add an option to Terminals such that the desktop stayed in the same place on the client screen and the top menu just 'drops down' over the top bit of the desktop (and not bother with the scroll bars either)?

I say 'just' but I do realise that the display routines are probably common to various display modes and situations and the screen move down and scroll bars may appear as a consequence of this, and that it may not be at all as simple to 'just' do it, but thought I'd ask :)

My other request would be could the groups menu be added to the full screen top menu please? :)

If either of these cannot be done, no problem, I'm still a huge fan of terminals, so well done, and many many thanks, this software will save me a huge amount of time and effort.

Regards, Simon,