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Unclear release downloads

Jan 14, 2009 at 7:28 AM

Just discovered this application, and thought I could try it out. But on the release page I find this:

application, 2416K, uploaded Jan 7 - 3012 downloads 
1.7d Version with a Windows 7 Patch 
application, 2416K, uploaded Sat - 193 downloads 
1.7d with VNC Options and SSH with Non-Standard Ports 
application, 2418K, uploaded Mon - 106 downloads 
1.7d with VNC Library Updated (8bit Support) 
application, 2416K, uploaded Mon - 67 downloads

Which one do I choose?? Are they different versions, or is the bottom one just the latest? Or what is going on there?

(I have an XP SP3 and a Vista computer which I would like to run it on.)

Jan 14, 2009 at 3:23 PM
The first download is the standard build without any added enhancements/patches.  The other downloads should be self explanatory.  Since you state you "have an XP SP3 and a Vista computer", you shouldn't need to worry about the built that includes a patch to support Windows 7.  If you would like to connect to SSH servers on non-standard ports, or tweak the settings for connecting to VNC servers, download "1.7d with VNC Options and SSH with Non-Standard Ports".  If connecting to VNC servers using 8-bit video is important to you, download "1.7d with VNC Library Updated (8bit Support)".