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RDP windows/tabs freeze in 3.0 preview 2

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Jun 11, 2013 at 9:34 PM
I frequently encounter RDP windows/tabs freezing under 3.0 preview 2. It usually seems to happen when I have multiple RDP sessions open in multiple tabs, but I'm not completely sure it doesn't happen with only 1 tab open.

I will go off to do something else, either in a different RDP tab within Terminals, or elsewhere on my computer. When I come back to a RDP tab in Terminals, it is frozen. Clicking anywhere on the RDP tab will just result in the error ding sound. Sometimes I can switch to a different tab, go back to the frozen one & it will work again, usually not. I end up having to close the RDP tab within Terminals & reconnect. The session will then resume where I left off.