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Is this "Windows Security" dialog avoidable *without* storing credentials in Terminals?

Oct 20, 2014 at 10:58 AM
Edited Oct 20, 2014 at 10:58 AM

Is the "Windows Security" dialog shown below avoidable without storing the credentials in Terminals?


Question context info

I'm in a bad situation where I need to use multiple tunneled RDP connections for whom I need to provide credentials everytime I connect (they are intentionally configured like that), in addition to having to use multiple other credentials that also need to be typed in by hand, while connected in these RDP sessions.

To solve this problem I'm trying to integrate Terminals with KeePass and it proves to be extremely difficult if not impossible. I managed to configure KeePass to run autotype on the proper credentials based on some id strings I'm storing in Terminals entries notes. The id string will show in Terminals' window title and so KeePass will be able to perform the matches for auto-type or at least popup a window for me to choose between multiple credentials.

Unfortunately, there's a problem with the first credential that needs to be provided when I connect over RDP. Some connections will popup this "Windows Security" dialog that is simply not matchable by KeePass because its title is always the same. What I need is to avoid this dialog window and simply halt at the login screen shown after the RDP connection has been established.

Whether or not I'm able to avoid this dialog seems to be a problem dependent on multiple variables. The Terminal Server on the other end seems configurable to require credentials before establishing the connection and MSTSC (at least) seems capable of using stored credentials to avoid having this dialog poped up everytime. Unfortunately, I don't fully understand these variables and from this discussion I'm left with the impression that Terminals can't use MSTSC in a way that would allow MSTSC to use stored credentials (so without storing credentials in Terminals).

Please help with a simple punctual answer to the main question or, hopefully, clarify this issue of MSTSC stored credentials vs Terminals.