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Saving connection passwords in database - Salt Error

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Jan 3 at 4:59 AM

I can't save the connection passwords when working with a database so that other users can use the same ones.

I try to set a Master Database password (which I believe you need), but it never works, all I ever get is:
__Test database failed.
Reason: salt is not at least eight bytes.__

This is pretty much the only thing preventing me from using Terminals.
Jan 3 at 6:10 PM
To reproduce the issue, can you provide more details, which OS version is your client? Which OS version are other clients? Can you provide Terminals log files?
Jan 4 at 3:38 AM
Managed to get it working.

Had to remove the database and recreate it. Then before adding any connections set the master database password.

For notes. Workstations are W10 Enterprise, Server is 2008 Std R2 and SQL 2012 (Licensed).