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Terminals has encountered an error and needs to shut down

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Apr 5 at 12:12 PM
Just upgraded to 4.0.0, and now I can't get into Terminals, at all.

As soon as I enter my password, I get the subject error. I can't find any log files, and nothing useful appears in the event viewer.

Any suggestions, before I start looking for something to replace this product?
Apr 5 at 7:39 PM
Same problem when i trying to see properties about ssh conections.
Apr 6 at 9:31 PM
Please provide more details: is it portable version installed from msi or xcopy deploy? Is it a clean install or upgrade?
Can you provide exact steps to reproduce (in which window?) or the app didnt start at all?
Also please provide log files, store in Data subdirectory or under your profile (based on your installation type).