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Windows 7 64bit issues

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Feb 4, 2010 at 3:17 PM

Call me a trail blazer but win7 64bit is what we're all going to be running pretty soon so I converted myself recently.

One problem I noticed right away was that 1.8e has some sort of odd issue where my entire PC was slowing/locking up after I launched terminals. It seems to have abated after I killed the process and restarted it. I had installed and configured terminals 1.8 with a startup password, then I copied the terminals.config. I wonder copying the config from 1.7 somehow upset it?

Also, when I copied over the terminals.config file, it kept all of my favorites but it cleared out the passwords on all of them.

Rant: Why can't terminals just have a simple "export favorites" and import favorites button? Why make people research how to do this and copy the whole config file? Seems odd what is otherwise well-developed software. /Rant

Thanks for reading.