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Version 2 - Beta 4 Release

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Change Set: 94424
Released: Nov 25, 2011
Updated: Mar 6, 2012 by jirkapok
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Application Terminals Version 2 - Beta 4 - Deployable Bits (xcopy deploy)
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Application Terminals Version 2 - Beta 4 - Installer (msi deploy)
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Release Notes

Beta 4 Refresh Build

Dont forget to backup your config files BEFORE upgrading!

As usual, please take time to use and abuse this release. We left logging in place, and this is a debug build so be sure to submit your logs on each bug reported, and please do report all bugs!

  1. Updated the About form to include the date and time of the build. Useful for CI builds to ensure we have the correct version
  2. "Favourites" and "History" save their expanded states after app restarts
  3. Code cleanup, security and credential classes moved to their folders.
  4. Corrected a variety of build warnings
  5. Corrected window position, when comming back from minimalized state.
  6. Auto sized favorites grid in window as window is resized
  7. Code cleanup in Terminal control for Maximum buffer size
  8. Corrected: scrollbar in ssh now properly refreshes, when calling "clear" command and moves back, when user continues typing commnad, if scroll position isnt on crate position
  9. Corrected lost position in some cases. Now the position restore has more inteligent logic, which checks two screen point to ensure that that the Terminals window title is still on visible screen.
  10. Corrected: tool bars positions are saved immediatelly after location is changed by user. In result the position is properly restored, after connection Corrected delete key handling in organize favorites form.
  11. Corrected sorting in Organize favorites form, when no column is selected for sorting and user performs any operation. When no column is selected, the Corrected wrong manipulations in Organize favorites. double click deleted selected favorite and ctrl+c in edit mode created favorite Copy
  12. Usability in new terminal form: dropdown items set to fit the protocols list. Domain names, user names and server names are sorted
  13. Adjusted organize favorites window: Removed redundant columns. Code clean up.
  14. ICA Citrix Settings - Working folder and application folder are simple text boxes.
  15. New connection, cannot create username with different case - admin vs Admin - Turned off autocomplete
  16. Assigned a bunch of shortcut keys for the app and organize favorites window
  17. RDP Error messages not displayed - Bubbled up all errors, warnings and logon messages to message box's
  18. JavaScript Errors in Built-in Browser- suppresed all script errors
  19. Laid out the organize favorites form to allow for more options via a menu instead of buttons along the right side, as per work item 14431
  20. Screen captures will now have a prefix of the Favorite.Name, Source name added to captured image filename.
  21. Corrected missing feature: Enter key in quick connect combo box doesnt open new connection properties, if you type server name instead of favorite name.
  22. Corrected Single instance mode: the application now forwards commands send from command line to the firt instance or reuses existing instance, if explicitly defined by command prompt. See online documentation for available switches.
  23. Corrected: wrong handling of empty passwords encryption and emtpy masterpassword key usage. Encryption/decryption wasnt symetric in this case.
  24. Refactoring in share connections client/server. Refactoring in CommandLine parameters processing. Prepared new CommandLine server to forward commandline arguments to main window in single instance mode.
  25. Corrected: faovorite toolstrip buttons now refresh immediately after changes (add, remove, reorder). Until now you had to restart the application to see the changes.
  26. Refactoring in favorites buttons manipulations because of code clean up. Small performance benefit.
  27. Corrected label for Auto expand favorites panel
  28. Corrected settings are now reloaded, when OptionDialog is open and other Terminals instance changes options.
  29. Corrected concurent file access for Credentials.
  30. Corrected: concurent file access to the History.xml. Added file lock to watch the file.
  31. Corrected: wrong manifest files merge from sgmoore patch.
  32. Corrected concurent file updates for Terminals.config. Now, if you

Reviews for this release

If it wasn't beta software, I'd give 4 stars for a little roughness around the edges; I don't give 5 star ratings lightly. This app is fantastic! It has almost everything I could ask for; the only significant additions I want are (a) an option to lock the aspect ratio while scaling a terminal window, and (b) an MDI mode in which I could see multiple terminals at once within the main window.
by EdStauff on Feb 8, 2012 at 4:49 PM
A lot of improvements, which I really like, but every time I start connection to some remote PC I get error message box: "There was a logon error returned from RDP connection, details: Logon code -2, Logon description:" descritpion of error empty... please fix
by shapovalov on Jan 13, 2012 at 3:13 PM
Very nice application! It gives me a great opportunity to finally get an overview of our (way too) many servers in our production setup! I hope you will keep up the good development work.
by kvinther on Jan 6, 2012 at 2:08 PM
This application has made managing mulitple servers and devices so much easier. I would give it 5 stars if I could use the 'tab' key to cycle through the various fields when adding a new saved connection.
by jallenjens on Dec 28, 2011 at 11:50 PM