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Connect as behaviour


Hi! I'm using Terminals for about a week now, and I love it. It is so much more stable than VisionApp (in our environment that is) we used before. I have a productivity improvement request though. I often have to login to a server with several accounts for testing purposes. In Visionapp when you right-click a favorite and select 'connect as' a menu pops out with all stored credentials, making it much faster to select one opposed to Terminals' window that opens, where you have to open the pull-down menu and then select one and click OK. See the screenshot below as how Visionapp works. It would really save a lot of clicks.


Proposed solution:
  • Add context menu with first 10 credentials (to limit the context menu for users who have more credentials)
  • Add "Custom" menu as last one, which will point to the current dialog.