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Amount of displayed active rdp connection tabs doesn't match the amount of real opened active rdp connections

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Jan 13, 2011 at 10:51 AM

hey all,

some minor bugging behavior of terminals v1.9a:

I've always opened quite a amount of rdp connections all the time, and I've named them partly with really long names (for proper connection description)! of course those names will be displayed on each connection tab too!

If by now you've opened more connections (and tabs) then could be displayed, the last one(s) opened won't be shown, regardless if terminals is maximized or in windows mode only! instead you've to use the drop down list (arrow) at the end of the tab row!

so far, so nice! but you get no info ( or symbol/sign) if there are more opened connections (tabs) then displayed! so you have to use the drop down list if you want to be sure about the amount of connections! and worse, the drop down list isn't sorted, nether alphabetically nor in order of opened connections!

well, to cut a long story, what I try to suggest for the next release(s), either show ALL connection tabs (and shorten them if needed like f.e. done within firefox or chrome, or ie 8>>), or at least put a additional symbol/sign at the end of the last shown tab to inform the user there are some more open connections then just the displayed tabs! and please add some way of sorting the drop down connection list, either alphabetically or in order of opening connections!

I hope I could depict my problems clearly, and yeah, I know, my english still sucks... ^^

best regards...


Feb 2, 2011 at 7:52 AM

Yes I notice this too


In firefox if you open too many tabs, you get arrows <> sideways to scroll through the active tabs. Terminals just doesnt display the ones off the edge of the screen at all.