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Couple issues: SSH, news feed, and selection

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Mar 2, 2011 at 4:48 PM

When I'm SSH'ed into AIX (possibly with others but I haven't tried it yet with others) I have problems copying and pasting and sometimes (I have yet to find the cause) the spacebar stops working.

Specifically the copy and paste issue I'm having is that "-" turn into "^Ӧ"


I would also like to know how to stop the news feed from starting every day, on my PC it errors out with a script running on the page and it's a bit annoying.


Lastly, when I click on a tab my text input doesn't switch to that tab until I click somewhere in the screen of that tab.

In other words I can be in tab A, click on tab B and start typing but my input will be typed into tab A until I click somewhere inside the screen area of tab B.


I am using 2.0 RC1 and any help would be greatly appreciated.