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1.6L - Toolbars and MMC button.

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May 15, 2008 at 3:36 PM
Working with 1.6L this AM.  Two things I notice.  When I arrange the toolbars, re-lock them, quit and restart, the toolbars go back to where they were.  Specifically the standard is on the top, right justified in the window and the menu is below that, left-justified.  I did not try anything to fix this such as deleting the toolbars config file.

The other thing I notice is that clicking the toolbutton for the Computer Management MMC gives me an error dialog "The selected file cannot be found".  The dialog title is "Microsoft Management Console"  If I select the icon for the Computer Management MMC from the Administrative Tools folder under the Start Menu of the remote computer it comes up normally.  I have tried this on remote systems running W2k server, XP and W2k3.  I am only using RDP sessions.

I have not had an issue with toolbars not appearing on startup for a long time.  Maybe when I installed version K?

I am really impressed with the progress on this project.  Many of the improvements are things that I would do myself.  I really think the functionality of this project and how it is being implemented is a great model for other free open-source projects to follow.  We have a staff of three to manage about 16 real servers and about a dozen Virtual Servers.  We have built a config file with all our remote desktop connections in it.  It is super useful.  We continue to use Terminals daily.  When we get into our next fiscal year budget in a few months I'm hoping to be able to donate to the project.