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auto-reconnect sessions / auto-retry each x minutes

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Feb 11, 2009 at 12:02 PM
Hi Fellows,

This is the best tabbed viewer application I've tried. dot.
I just wished that there was a thumbnail viewing feature also, with shadow RDP sessions, for monitoring only purposes.
Also, VNC connection options are a litlle short, since, for bandwidth purposes, I would like to select encoding options or at least define maximum bandwidth.

Now, for the most important part.

1 - The open connections the next time I run terminals is not working for me. I need a way of using auto-reconnect all sessions each time I open terminals. Is there a command line option or something?

2 - I also need an option for auto-retry connection each X minutes without alerting the user each time it can't connect. It's a simple feature, I guess. It's very handy when you are monitoring computers that are often powered off, or rebooted. It should try to reconnect every 5 minutes, for example, if it can't connect, it shouldn't bother the user with an alert, and it should retry it in 5 minutes.
3 - It would be nice to see and option for minimizing the program when you hit the (X) button in the main window. It's usual to see a user clicking the X button by mistake when what they really want is to minimize the program.

I'm willing to contribute for this great project, as I guess it has a lot of abilities in the monitoring and surveillance area.
Thanks, and keep up the good work ;)