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Feature Request : Execute after login

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Jun 6, 2014 at 9:41 AM
I have to deal with hundreds of servers on which I can only access through RDP.

I have often to deal with some scripts (for compiling application logs for example), or to deploy new application version, on several servers, as well as rebooting all of them remotely at once.

I am not IT admin, therefore my authorizations are rather limited, and company policy restricts usage of any remote console access that would fit my job.

A simple and flexible workaround, that I thought about, would be to be able to run from Terminals, a command right after login that would run a selected script on all servers belonging to a group:
  • Reboot all servers
  • Retrieve new version from a config file, and then restart service
  • Stop service, overwrite files used by service, restart service
  • extract computer information and send them to me ...
    ... the whole thing just by creating the action script to run after login and then connect to a group of computers