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Connect RDP with admin mode

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Aug 1, 2014 at 11:10 PM

I am using Terminals v3.5 and I would like to do the same as I do when using typical windows command:

mstsc /admin

so, Who know how to do it using terminals v3.5? I have checked option "Connect to console" but it is not working.

I am using Windows Server 2003/2008.

Thanks in advance!
Aug 21, 2014 at 8:59 AM
Terminals provides you three ways to connect to the console:
  1. setting the default connection method as "Connect to Console" in RDP "Display Settings" for the properties of the connection (I assume this is the setting You've tried)
  2. use the right click context menu of the connection and choose "Connect with..."
  3. use the "Connect To:" drop down menu and hit the icon "Connect To Console"
    All these methods work for me with win 2003. The /admin option has a limited use in win 2008 - mainly to have access to physical devices connected to the server (mouse, keyboard) or to save one CAL. You can read up more on:
    I've never figured out how this works on win 2008. Maybe someone can explain it in more detail. Using the mstsc /admin I can open 3 sessions to a win 2008. Using Terminals I can also connect 3 sessions with or without the "Connect to Console" option. I just see no difference in either case.