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Telent not working on Windows 7; Coincidence?

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Jul 21, 2009 at 3:18 AM

I'm running Terminals 1.7e on Windows 7 RC 1 64 bit. I'm having some issues connecting to a remote ProCurve switch with telnet.

1. When I created the connection, I selected "Telnet" but after closing it and then reopening the properties I see that SSH2 is selected. If I select Telnet and close / reopen, SSH2 is still selected.

2. When I make the connection to the switch with the "open in new window" option set, just after entering the password, I see the initial welcome screen to the switch for a brief moment before Terminals crashes. Unchecking "open in new window" allows me to connect just fine (so far).

Apparently, number 1 is not a true problem because I'm connecting via telnet even though the radio button says SSH2. Number 2 is a bit of a problem if I wanted a separate window though. Has anyone else encountered this bahavior with telnet/SSH session in a new window? Is this a universal issue or just with 7? Any all-around thoughts?