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Telnet font scaling

Jul 23, 2009 at 9:11 PM

Perhaps this has already been asked or addressed...  But I am trying to use this to connect an x64 system to a legacy COBOL system.  Our prior client barely worked on a 32-bit XP system...  It connects fine and looks nice.

However, is there any way to scale the font?  I tried changing the font size setting, but the text gets "squished" together, almost like there is an absolute width for the terminal display, despite the fact I widened the Terminals application window.  If I was able to use the font size setting, it would work very well for me, but all the letters overlap.

Also, each time I go to the telnet tab and change from SSH2 to telnet, it gets reset after I close my terminal session.  Then, I need to go back into the settings, change it to telnet, and reconnect.  Am I not saving the setting correctly?