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Flickr web service

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Jul 25, 2009 at 9:21 PM

Apologies to all if I have overlooked something dumb and simple. How do you use the Flickr service?

I see that in Tools | Options that there is a tab called Flickr. I successfully went through the Authorize and Complete processes. All seemed to be successful. But now what do I do?

I can connect to my Flickr account using HTTP but this seems to just act like a regular web page. I thought that there would be some more direct method made available to manipulate the files there. What am I missing?

I was surprised not to find 'flickr' at all when searching these Discussions. I would RTFM... if I could find it. Sorry

Jul 28, 2009 at 7:29 AM

Here are a set of screenshots to authorize Terminals with Flickr and how to post the images.

 In Terminals Click 'Tools' -> 'Options' -> 'Flickr"

Terminals Flickr 01

 Click 'Authorize'

Terminals Flickr 02

 Click on second 'Next' button as you are requesting this directly from Terminals.


Terminals Flickr 03

 Click 'OK, Ill Authorize It'

Terminals Flickr 04

 That is the Flickr part done.

Terminals Flickr 05

 Now click 'Complete' in Terminals.

Terminals Flickr 06

 'User authenticated successfully' should be displayed.

Terminals Flickr 07

   Click the 'Camera' icon to 'Capture Terminal Screen' of the Window/Tab

Terminals Flickr 08

 The 'Screen Capture Manager' tab should open in Terminals.

Terminals Flickr 09

 Select the images you want uploaded to Flickr and and 'Right-Click' to Post the images to Flickr.

Terminals Flickr 10


Terminals Flickr 11

Images are now queued and now uploading to Flickr

Terminals Flickr 12

 Confirmation dialogue that images have finished uploading.

Terminals Flickr 13

The final image/s uploaded and displayed on Flickr.


Jul 28, 2009 at 2:30 PM

Ah, thank you.

Yes, I managed with the registration and authentication setup steps with Flickr - got that all working... but then I could not see what to do thereafter. Somehow, I missed the bit about using it to store screenshots. That makes sense now. Very innovative.

Jul 28, 2009 at 4:49 PM

Nice tutorial, Stephen! Someone should use this within the Terminals documentation. I'll be linking to this post in an review of Terminals that I'm writing for a web site.