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Terminals 1.6k - More AD, Packet Capture

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Released: May 5, 2008
Updated: May 5, 2008 by RobChartier
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Source Code Terminals 1.6k
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Release Notes

  1. Added support for WinPcap on x64 systems. Need to compile the soltuion in x86 mode for WinPcap to work.
  2. added a keyboard hook class, and some code around it. it looks like i can capture the alt key or modifiers, but not actual keys from within terminal windows. quite frusterating.
  3. Minor asthetics for the packet capture form
  4. Packet capture dump to file directly
  5. Added a "Packets" tab in the Network Connections toolset. It uses WinPcap to capture packets. Be sure to install WinPcap first. The HexEditor project is for viewing the packet data.
  6. cleaned up the new terminal form (width and general UI layout)
  7. fixed the HTTP connection. the server name dropdown is based on the HTTP url you provide in the http tab. its kind of weird having to switch over to the http tab when you setup an http url, but until i find a better way of doing it this will have to do for now.
  8. icons icons icons!
  9. load your connections via a network port scanner via the organize favorites form
  10. if ok/cancel were hit during AD scan, it would throw an exception..caught it and logged it
  11. got rid of the * for a password char in the notes field for a new connection
  12. added a dialog for importing new connections from AD. Editable grid which you can pick and choose which to import, change protocols and tags.
  13. multi-threaded the import dialog. that will make it nicer for those folks are larger domains.
  14. Update notification now come in the form of a Terminal window!
  15. Updated the Disconnect, Connect Failured event handling in a few of the alternative connection types. They should gracefully log and close the tabs upon disconnect.
  16. Imported VncSharp as a first class citizen in the build process because of an extraneous bug in it that i had to fix via feedback from the discussions. I updated the VncConnection to respond to the connection lost event from VncSharp and handle it accordingly.
  17. The event which notified that a ping response happend was wired up each time you hit the button. it now is only wired up once. this caused more than a single result in the grid to show for each response.
  18. updated the toolbars/menu locking and grip visibility
  19. Trying to standardize on TitleCase for all tags and connection names. This should resolve Tags being case sensitive. Its pretty ugly when people are not consistent.

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