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Because each product needs its vision here is our plan for next releases, so called long term vision.
These features are "big rocks" and they explain long period between some previous releases, where such large features required lot of design changes...
  • Putty integration - putty as defacto industry standard allows integration into other products and provides lot of features and supported protocols, which allow terminals to extend range of supported protocols with minimum effort. This is the most requested feature ever and will also fix lot of issues in current ssh and terminal UI.
  • UI tabs enhancements - Current UI is limited with possible customization and will allow new features like dock the tabs, dock favorites to other sides, close button directly on the tab etc.
  • Database optimizations - Database was implemented with low performance and to allow larger environments we will need to enhance its implementation.
  • External credentials providers integrations - Keypass and Windows credentials store are logical extension of credentials providers.

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DarkLight72 Sep 13, 2017 at 2:55 PM 
While it's on the roadmap, what is the timeline for Putty integration or at least an updated SSH plugin that uses something (anything) other than the horrendously insecure DH SHA1?

kellcomnet Apr 12, 2017 at 12:25 PM 
I love 4.0 but if I may request one additional feature...Ability to use the credential manager for RDP gateway. Currently whenever my AD credentials change I have to update them in the credential manager and on each entry that uses the RDP gateway