Import connections from RDCMan 2.2


There is a popular RDC Manager from Microsoft called "Remote Desktop Connection Manager" ( RDCMan ). http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=21101 I have bunch of connections configured there. Hope someone can add this file type for the import feature to Terminals!

File content:
  • File is xml based contains only RDP connections
  • Groups can contain Groups. If group already contains server, than it cant contain other groups
  • contains recursive inheritance of properties
  • Passwords can be saved in plain text, which means, that the password is not encrypted in the file
  • Read document groups, favorites and their properties - DONE
  • Read properties inheritance - In progress
  • Import Groups
    -Import favorites

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jirkapok wrote Aug 13, 2013 at 11:57 PM

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fredrikr wrote Dec 10, 2013 at 11:39 PM

The only feature that is holding me back from using this for production work is the RDG import limitation.

wrote Jan 26 at 11:23 PM

Associated with changeset 105089: Created importer template for RDCMan import.

wrote Jan 27 at 11:06 PM

Associated with changeset 105115: Implemented initial xml import structure of RdcMan file.

sconstantine wrote Feb 1 at 10:01 PM

Changeset 105089 & 105115! Fantastic news, thanks dev team! Do you need any testers?

wrote Feb 7 at 11:42 PM

Associated with changeset 105216: Implemented RdcMan file structure of groups and servers for import without recursion of properties inheritance and reading of detail properties.

wrote Feb 10 at 11:39 PM

Associated with changeset 105231: Finished template for RdcMan import schema, implemented general properties only. Connection settings are still missing.

wrote Feb 18 at 11:47 PM

Associated with changeset 105289: Implemented rest of thre RDCMan xml schema.

wrote Feb 22 at 12:41 AM

Associated with changeset 105311: Implemented detail properties in RdcMan import. Added test file with inherited structrue.

scaprari wrote Mar 25 at 6:49 PM

This would be such a great feature to have. really need this so I can convert to using this as my only connection manager

wrote Apr 14 at 10:12 PM

Associated with changeset 105667: Implemented loading of inherited vs. not inherited properties in RdcMan import.

wrote Apr 18 at 9:39 PM

Associated with changeset 105699: Created initial import of RDCMan favorite content.